South Eastern European Digitization Initiative

The Sixth SEEDI Conference
Digitization of Cultural and Scientific Heritage
Zagreb, Croatia, 18-20 May 2011

The First Festival of the Croatian Digitization Projects

As part of the Sixth SEEDI Conference, the first Festival of Croatian digitization projects was held on 20 May 2011 in the Gorgona multimedia hall of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.

During the Festival, around 20 digitization projects were presented of the Croatian archive, library and museum institutions. The projects aim to present and promote the rich and diverse cultural heritage, and provide easier online access to the digitized materials. The National and University Library in Zagreb , the organizer of the Festival, intends to continue hosting the event every year.

The projects presented at the Festival:

Brkic, Križana; Jelavic, Anja: EU Programme > Culture 2007-2013

Ziherl, Jerica: Digitizing Contemporary Art (DCA Project)

Kružic, Borut: Natural History Museum Rijeka Collections Online Project

Horovic-Vukovic, Bruna: Digitization of the Map Archive for Istria and Dalmatia

Bužleta, Nadia: Project „Virtual Local Collection“: Virtual Access to the Cultural Heritage of Istria

Tomšik Krmpotic, Dubravka: Digitization Project of the Museum Holdings of the Ilok Town Museum Permanent Exhibition

Dražin-Trbuljak, Lada; Franulic, Markita; Živcec, Doroteja: Digital Heritage of Croatian
Museums in the Context of the Project ‘Croatian Virtual Museums’

Volic, Ladislav: Digitization of the Record Group „The Magistrate of the Free Royal Town of Varazdin (1209-1850)“, Series The Radical Archives, and of the Collection of Grants of Coats of Arms

Juricic, Vedrana: The Digital Collection of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Filipcic Maligec, Vlatka: Digitizing Collections of Postcards and Photographs of the Museum of Peasant Uprisings: Expectations, Experiences, Doubts

Juric, Mirjana: Cadastral Heritage in Digital Environment

Meic, Ismena: Digitized Zagreb Heritage – Metropolitan Library in the Web Environment

Kuzman Šlogar, Koraljka; Miholic, Irena: Digitization of Melographic Notations

Ujlaki, Kristijan: Projects of Local Cultural Heritage Digitization in Fran Galovic Koprivnica Public Library

Vrkic, Iva: Andrija Mohorovicic Digital Collection