Webinari 2013.

Objavljeno 3.7.2013.


Library Linked Data: From Vision to Reality, 11. prosinca 2013.

“MOOCs: Here to Stay or Flash in the Pan?”, 11. prosinca 2013.

NISO/DCMI Webinar: Cooperative Authority Control, 4. prosinca 2013.

NISO/DCMI Webinar: Cooperative Authority Control: The Virtual International Authority File (VIAF), 4. prosinca 2013.

ALCTS webinar: Assessment Strategies for Cataloging Managers, 20. studenoga 2013.

ALCTS webinar: Evaluating Print Book & E-Book Patron-Driven Acquisitions (PDA), 13. studenoga 2013.

“MOOCs: Copyright Management for Online Courses?”, 6. studenoga 2013.

What is The Role of the Librarian in an Open Access World?, 23. listopada 2013.

“Libraries and MOOCs: Providing Solutions for Alt-Higher Ed”, 9. listopada 2013.

Usage Statistics: Does Your Collection Measure Up?, 26. rujna 2013.

Implementing Linked Data in Developing Countries and Low-Resource Conditions, 25. rujna 2013.

“Get Ready to MOOC: Why Libraries Should Care“, 25. rujna 2013.

Give your users the right search results in real time, 19. rujna 2013.

Using Open Refine to Update, Clean up and Link your Metadata to the Wider World, 18. rujna 2013.

EDT on the Insider’s view on Publishing, 13. rujna 2013.

Predstavljanje tražilice pravnih propisa – CADIAL, 11. rujna 2013.

“New Librarians Global Connection: best practices, models and recommendations”, 16. srpnja 2013.