Blaženka Peradenić-Kotur and Irena Pilaš

Official Publications Collection at the National and University Library in Zagreb

Are you interested in the legal acts of Croatia, the United States of America, Canada, and other foreign states? Which international agreements, conventions, and declarations would you like to learn more about? What changes will be introduced after Croatia gains its full membership of the European Union? Are you familiar with the basic structure of the EU and with how it operates? What is meant by the direct application of the legal provisions of the European Union and the primacy of the Union law over national legislation; what are the areas of the Union’s exclusive competence, which of them are under a shared competence of the Union and its member states, and which are under the exclusive competence of each member state? Do you need statistical data for Croatia, the world, or Croatia’s surrounding region? Answers to these and many other questions may be found at the Official Publications Collection of the National and University Library in Zagreb, the largest and most comprehensive collection of resources of this kind in Croatia and beyond.

Službene publikacije Ujedinjenih naroda dostupne u otvorenome pristupu Zbirke službenih publikacija / United Nations official publications available on the open access shelves of the NUL Official Publications Collection