Where to copy and reproduce the Library’s materials?

Objavljeno 27.3.2012.

Users may independently copy and reproduce the Library’s materials included in the Library’s holdings (parts of books, individual journal articles) for their private and personal use only, in accordance with the Copyright and Related Rights Act.

Users may purchase photocopy cards with a different number of units at the western info desks of all reading rooms and at the Lending Service Desks on the Ground Floor and Floors 1, 3 and 4.

Natural persons and legal entities may use reproduction services to copy materials held by the Library in accordance with the Copyright and Related Rights Act and the Law on the Protection and Preservation of Cultural Goods.

Legal entities submit their written requests for making copies, microfilms, photographs and digital recordings of the Library’s holdings to one of the Library’s organizational units responsible for handling the required material/item.

Based on this written request the Library may provide:
*paper copies of microfilms
*digitized copies.

Requests for reprographic services may be submitted in person in the Periodicals Reading Room, as well as in the reading rooms of the Print, Music, Map and Official Publications Collections. Reprographic and digitization services are charged according to the Library’s official List of Priced Services.

For the purpose of preservation of library materials it is not allowed to make copies of:
*materials from the special collections
*newspaper material
*items with format designation I and III
*damaged items
*conserved items.

Materials that users wish to make copies of must be submitted to the librarian who will allow or disallow copying or scanning, according to the abovementioned rules.