User registration

Objavljeno 21.2.2012.
Registration Desk hours:
Monday–Friday 8.00-21.00
Saturday 9.00-14.00
00385 1 616 4078

The Library’s holdings and services are available only for registered users abiding by the regulations concerning the terms and conditions of using the Library’s holdings and services.

Persons aged 16 and over may become the Library’s users registering for the Library Membership Card, provided that they fall into one of the following categories:

Natural persons
a) full-time undergraduate, graduate, senior undergraduate and postgraduate students of Croatian universities and other state or private higher education institutions in the Republic of Croatia must provide their identity card and their student’s record book or Student Identity Card (X-ica), while foreign students must present their passports as proof of identity;
b) researchers and members of the faculty of the University of Zagreb, scientists and members of cultural institutions may register based on their personal identity card;
c) part-time students, citizens permanently employed in the Republic of Croatia, unemployed Croatian citizens and retired Croatian citizens may register based on their personal identity card;
d) secondary school graduates, students of international universities and foreign citizens may register based on their personal identity card/passport, and may only use materials and services available in the Library’s reading rooms;
e) students of higher education institutions which only use electronic student’s record books must provide written proof of their status as students;
f) users whose records were previously entered into the Library system of user records, do not need to fill out the Membership Application Form unless there have been changes in their personal records, in which case they are required to enter them into a new Form.

Legal entities may not register as Library users, but may apply for the membership of their employees by submitting written requests to the Library’s Registration Desk, upon which they will be issued individual Library Membership Cards. These cards bear the names of individual employees, not of the legal entity. Legal entities that may become registered users are only libraries and institutions having libraries, provided they are entered into the Register of Libraries in accordance with the Regulations on the Register of libraries and branch libraries. Librarians are issued their personal Library Membership Cards, free of charge. A legal entity/other library which becomes the Library’s registered user may use the Library’s Interlibrary Loan services.

Online membership registration
Membership of the Library may also be applied for and renewed online. Membership and renewal requests are submitted at

The membership becomes active after the Library receives a proof of payment of the membership fee and issues the Library Membership Card, either electronically or physically.

Library Membership Card
A Library Membership Card is issued for the use only of the person named on it and may not be used by any other person.

*Change of permanent residence or address must be reported at the Library’s Registration Desk;
*Library Membership Card may be issued for a period of one week, one month or one year;
*The Library Membership Card may be renewed upon expiry without physical card replacement, unless the existing membership card or its bar code has been damaged, in which case a new card is issued;
*A lost or stolen Library Membership Card must be reported instantly by phone to the Central Reference Service or in person at the Registration Desk, otherwise the user will bear all the expenses incurred by the subsequent use of a stolen/lost card. If the Membership Card is not found within 7 days from reporting it lost/stolen, a new card will be issued for a specified fee. Data on stolen/lost cards are entered into the Library system in order to prevent misuse;
*For acting contrary to these regulations the Library Membership Card will be withdrawn for a period of time specified in relation to a particular violation;
*For users who do not return books until the due date or pay their charges in relation to their use of the Library holdings and/or services, the renewal of the Library Membership Card will be suspended until they return loaned items and/or pay their charges.

Persons with disabilities may become the Library’s registered users and subsequently renew their membership free of charge.

MEMBERSHIP FEES (the prices in euros have been calculated based on a fixed conversion rate set at €1 = HRK,53450)
Annual registration (including borrowing privileges)
Full-time and part-time undergraduate and graduate students, and postgraduate students of universities in the Republic of Croatia – HRK100 (€13.27)
Researchers and academic staff of Croatian universities, members of cultural and educational institutions, Croatian citizens – HRK200 (€26.54)
Retired citizens – HRK50 (€6.64)
Persons with disabilities and those accompanying them are entitled to free membership and free membership renewal, upon providing a valid proof of their disability status, i.e. a disability or a carer ID or certificate (a certificate from the Croatian Disabled Persons Registry (Registar osoba s invaliditetom)) – no charge

Annual registration – Reader Pass (not including borrowing privileges)
Foreign university students, foreign citizens, Croatian citizens – HRK150 (€19.91)
Persons aged between 16 and 18 – HRK50 (€6.64)

Discount for group membership – annual registration
20% discount on membership fees for groups of ten and more persons, provided that all persons apply for the same type of membership.

Short-term membership – Reader Pass (not including borrowing privileges)
Monthly pass – HRK50 (€6.64)
Weekly pass – HRK40 (€5.31)
Daily pass – HRK30 (€3.98)

Charges and fees for additional library membership cards
Charge for the loss of or damage to the membership card – HRK20 (€2.65)
Proxy Borrower Library Card Fee – HRK20 (€2.65)

Persons with disabilities may become the Library’s registered users and subsequently renew their membership free of charge.

The use of the cloakroom is mandatory upon entering the Library, and users must collect all their personal belongings and return the cloakroom number when leaving the Library. Users who stay in the Library until midnight must take the cloakroom locker key, which they must return before leaving the Library. The loss of the cloakroom number or key to the study room is subject to a fine the amount of which is specified in the NSK Priced services list.