The Voice of NSK: Journal of the National and University Library in Zagreb

Objavljeno 21.2.2012.
For the publisher
Dr Ivanka Stričević
T. +385 1 616-4023
Editor in Chief
Nela Marasović
Executive Editor
Dobrila Zvonarek
Editorial Board
Sandi Antonac, Dr Dragica Krstić, Dr Dijana Machala, Dr Lobel Machala, Nela Marasović, Jelena Paurić, Renata Petrušić, Branka Purgarić-Kužić, Kristina Romić, Dr Breza Šalamon-Cindori
NSK Marketing and Communications Section

ISSN 2584-3885 (Online)
ISSN 1847-7259 (Print)

The Voice of NSK is published annually, presenting and promoting the Library’s activities and its contribution to the development of the library profession. As the central Croatian library, the central library of the University of Zagreb and one of Croatia’s major cultural institutions, the National and University Library in Zagreb has joined other prominent European national libraries publishing similar journals. The regular and special sections of The Voice of NSK bring extensive articles on various current issues in the library profession, along with news on the Library’s activities and services – its international cooperation projects, programmes, exhibitions, digitisation activities, development of eServices and other activities necessary for the efficient operation of the contemporary library.

Articles addressing current issues in the library profession, information sciences and culture are the thematic lynchpins of The Voice of NSK, putting special emphasis on the promotion and preservation of Croatian cultural and scientific heritage.

Due to the variety of its content, which is available in both Croatian and English, The Voice of NSK is contributing to a global debate on issues bringing together all European and other national libraries, as well as all other institutions partaking in the heritage sector.

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