NSK publishes the 15th issue of its journal, “The Voice of NSK”

Objavljeno 8.4.2019.

The National and University Library in Zagreb published the 15th issue of its journal, The Voice of NSK, through which it regularly presents its activities, programmes and accomplishments in the field of library and information science, as well as in science and culture in general. From this issue on, the journal, which is also available in digital form, will be published annually, as part of the National and University Library in Zagreb Day celebration programme.

Since the European Commission declared the year 2018 the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the National and University Library in Zagreb joined this EU initiative with several of its own projects and programmes – the Book Art in Croatia exhibition, which the Library organised together with the National and University Library in Ljubljana (NUK), Fiofest concert, commemorating the work of maestro Dinko Fio, Eight Festival of Croatian Digitisation Projects, the Books, Directions, Audiences exhibition, jointly organised by the Library and St. Cyril and Methodius National Library of Bulgaria (NKRB), and the Croatian Glagolitic Heritage exhibition, which spotlighted Glagolitic, the oldest Croatian alphabet and the fundamental element of national cultural heritage preserved in the Library’s collections, owing to which it is the focal point of this issue’s Feature section.

The Library’s Croatian Glagolitic Heritage project is presented by Irena Galić Bešker, the project’s leader and Head of the Library’s Manuscripts and Old Books Collection. Launched with the aim of encouraging a more extensive national and international research into this unique phenomenon and bringing into one place its accompanying written heritage, the project included the setting up of the Glagoljica.hr online portal, which, apart from the digital reproductions of works belonging to the Glagolitic tradition, should in the future also make available papers and other scientific resources on Glagolitic and its related heritage. The homonymous exhibition, which presented this remarkable old writing system from the perspective of its historical development, typography, its cultural impact and contemporary use, and which attracted a particularly great interest among the younger generations, was presented in a feature by Sandi Antonac, the exhibition’s author.

The Guest of the issue section presents the winner of the 2017 National and University Library in Zagreb Award and Director of the Fran Galović Public Library in Koprivnica Dijana Sabolović-Krajina.

This issue’s In the focus section brings two very interesting articles – the first addresses issues surrounding the relatively recently enforced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), while the other presents the work of the Croatian DOI Office. Anita Katulić, the author of the feature on GDPR, presents in greater detail how the Regulation is to be implemented in library activities in view of the improved privacy and personal data protection standards brought about by the GDPR regulations. The authors of the feature on the Croatian DOI Office Danijela Getliher and Silvana Šehić describe how the Office acts as an intermediary between Croatian publishers and the CrossRef registration agency with regard to the assignment of DOIs to scientific and professional journals.

The NSK treasures section brings a feature by the Head of the NSK Manuscripts and Old Books Collection Irena Galić Bešker presenting The Brozić Breviary. This true gem of Glagolitic heritage, which was published in 1561 and included in the Library’s Manuscripts and Old Books Collection in 2006, once belonged to the Macclesfield family, as is indicated by the family’s coat of arms printed on the recto pages of the first three leaves, and the family bookplate (ex libris) pasted on the upper cover’s inner side.

This issue’s Cooperation section presents two out of the Library’s many cooperation projects. The section’s first feature, authored by Maja Priselac, brings a report on the signing of the Cooperation Agreement on the Development and Management of the Croatian National Union Catalogue, which brought together seven major Croatian higher education institutions. The second feature presents the Library’s cooperation project that resulted in the organisation of the world’s first conference on green libraries Let’s Go Green!, the report on which was written by Ana Rubić, one of the conference’s initiators.

Finally, some of the many events organised either independently by the Library or through its cooperation with other institutions or organisations have been presented in this issue’s Major events and In brief sections.

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