Individual study cubicles

Objavljeno 2.1.2012.

The Library’s users have at their disposal 10 study cubicles, located on Floor 4.

The users entitled to use the cubicles are:

– NSK users working on research projects,

– the academic staff of the University of Zagreb,

– persons employed in the fields of science and culture, researchers, writers and journalists,

– postgraduate students,

– undergraduate students preparing a registered undergraduate dissertation.

Priority is given to users working on research projects and are able to provide a written statement indicating their involvement in such a project.

Resources in the Library’s collections may be used in the cubicles upon being registered as loans in the Library’s online catalogue (the maximum loan period is 30 days).

All users must abide by the library’s Regulations regarding the terms and conditions of using the holdings and services of the National and University Library in Zagreb (Croatian version only).

Individual study cubicle use is charged based on prices indicated in the Library’s priced services list.