Special programme dedicated to the Dalmatin Bible held at the NUL

Objavljeno 30.10.2013.

A series of special lectures on the preservation of Croatian and Slovene Protestant heritage and the film by Slovene television ‘Bible Revived’ were highlights of a special programme that was held at the National and University Library in Zagreb on Tuesday 29 October 2013.

The first lecture was delivered by Ivan Kosić, Head of the NUL Manuscripts and Old Books Collection, and focused on the atmosphere and historical circumstances surrounding the writing of the Dalmatin Bible and translations of the Holy Scripture by Croatian and Slovene Protestants.

In her lecture, Martina Pavec, member of the staff of the NUL Binding Section, gave an overview of the comparison between the Dalmatin Bible and Croatian 16th-century Protestant books preserved as part of the NUL holdings.

Jedert Vodopivec, Head of the Book and Paper Conservation Centre at the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia, also gave a lecture on various research and conservation-restoration activities undertaken in relation to the Dalmatin Bible.

Jadran Sterle, the screenwriter and director of ‘Bible Revived’, a documentary film on the restoration of the Dalmatin’s Bible, made a brief introduction to the showing of the film by revealing his motives for making this film and circumstances surrounding its shooting.

The participants in this special programme of lectures were able to see the first edition of the Dalmatin Bible as well as copies of various Croatian Protestant books from the 16th century which are part of the holdings of the National and University Library in Zagreb. After the lectures and the showing of the film everyone present took a tour of the Library guided by the members of the staff of the NUL Manuscript and Old Books Collection and NUL Preservation Department.