Series A – Books

Objavljeno 21.2.2012.

Series A contains monographic publications, print portfolios and exhibition catalogues, sheet music, maps, atlases, tourist guides and selected materials in microprint.

The selection of materials included in the Croatica national collection is based on the following criteria: Croatian authorship (Croats by birth and by choice, those who have significantly and actively contributed to Croatian culture through their engagement at the national or international level), Croatian publisher (publishers registered in the Republic of Croatia, Croatian publishers registered abroad), the Croatian language (regardless of the author’s nationality and citizenship, place of publication or printing of a particular item), as well as the criterion of content according to which the national collection includes works about Croatia and Croats. Publications must satisfy at least one of the established criteria to be included in the collection.

Apart from publications gathered through legal deposit procedures, since 1992 this series has included emigrant press which the NUL has systematically collected since then as an indispensable part of its national holdings. Apart from the main series, each individual volume additionally contains: Author Index, Title Index, Subject Index, Publishers’ Index, UDC Index and ISBN Index. The series is published monthly (12 issues per year). For books published from 1990 the series is available in printed form, while for books published since 2000 the series is available in both printed and electronic form.

The bibliographic records have been created and organized in keeping with the recommendations and guidelines for the compiling of national bibliographies by IFLA, in which process special consideration was given to UBC and UAP programmes (Universal Bibliographic Control, Universal Availability of Publications). Code and Manual for the Compilation of Alphabetical Catalogues by E. Verona, parts 1 and 2, along with the Guidelines for using MARC21 formats in processing materials at the Current Bibliography of Books Department and CIP Section (internal publication) are used as the basis for the creation and compiling of records. Bibliographic records now include a larger number of data on responsibility and other relevant information, according to the requirements for ensuring optimal usability.

*Printed edition
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*Croatian bibliographies on CD ROM