Scan, photocopy and print your materials using NSK SPP services

Objavljeno 2.5.2023.

In 2023, the National and University Library in Zagreb (NSK) has made available several new devices as part of its SPP (scan, photocopy and print) services. The new devices are available by the central info-desk on the Library’s Ground Floor, as well as by the west wing info-desks on Floors 1 and 3.

A scanning, photocopying and printing device.

After registering for using NSK SPP services by making a payment for a minimal amount of €1 at a box office operating as part of one of the above-stated info desks, the users are issued the credentials for using the NSK SPP devices, which they have to log into based on their NSK Membership Card or, in the case of students, the Croatian Student Identity Card (X-ica).

NSK Priced services list is available on the Library’s website, on the NSK SPP devices and at the info desks, where the Library’s staff will be happy to offer you any assistance you may require in using NSK SPP services.