River Krka: Secrets of the Underground

Objavljeno 22.9.2016.

River Krka: Secrets of the Underground, the latest exhibition organised by the National and University Library in Zagreb and the Krka National Park will open on 23 September 2016 (19.00). The exhibition, which is being put on as the second part of the Library’s ongoing Green Library for Green Croatia project, will present the results of bio-speleological research conducted in the Krka National Park and its surrounding area.

The Library launched its latest “green” project in order to present to its users and the wider public valuable “green” resources in its collections and make more visible civil organisations and various initiatives focusing on the protection and preservation of Croatia’s natural resources as an important element of its overall cultural heritage. The Library’s collections abound with resources on a wide variety of subjects related to the conservation of the natural environment, ranging from doctoral dissertations, master’s theses, to newspapers and monographs, including legal acts and other official documents, which the Library wishes to bring closer to its users and the public and in this way make them more aware of the importance of issues related to the protection of nature.

River Krka: Secrets of the Underground is the second exhibition that presents the results of extensive research in different scientific disciplines conducted in the Krka National Park area. And while the first exhibition, Burnum – The Archaeological Treasures of Krka, which was held in June 2016, featured the findings of archaeological research in this area, this exhibition will highlight its bio-speleological treasures that were the subject of 2005-2016 research conducted as part of the Park’s cooperation with the Croatian Biospeleological Society based in Zagreb.

The opening programme will include brief talks by Mladen Juračić, Fellow of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts and Professor at the Department of Geology of the Zagreb Faculty of Science, and Jana Bedek, biospeleologist and President of the Croatian Biospeleological Society. The programme will also include the premier screening of the River Krka: Secrets of the Underground documentary, which tells the story of difficulties researchers faced in their explorations of the fascinating subterranean landscape surrounding the Krka.

The exhibition will be on view until 3 October 2016.