Marketing and Communications Section

Objavljeno 22.3.2012.

Contact: 00385 1 616 4019
00385 1 616 4129
00385 1 616 4197
00385 1 616 4028

The activities of the NSK Marketing and Communications Section are aimed at creating a positive image of the National and University Library in Zagreb among the wider public. They include the organisation of concerts, exhibitions, symposiums and conferences, book launches, presentations of scientific papers and similar events in and out of NSK, as well as the writing of promotional texts focusing on the presentation of the treasures preserved as part of the Library’s holdings.

The Section’s regular activities include communications with the media and the promotion and sale of the Library’s publications. Members of the Section are also responsible for internal communication and the leasing of NSK premises for the purposes of organising book fairs and other similar events.