Presentation of EURAXESS on Tour – Researchers in Motion!

Objavljeno 2.4.2014.

The activities of the Croatian Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes include services provided by the EURAXESS Service Centre, which offers legal and administrative support to foreign researchers who wish to continue their research career in Croatia and Croatian researchers planning to do their research abroad, as well as support in the planning of international scientific cooperation and using grants/fellowships.

The Agency actively assists in the overcoming of obstacles that foreign researchers may encounter when they arrive in Croatia as well as in the promotion and updating of the EURAXESS portal, which facilitates the search for research vacancies across the European Union, enables the advertising of vacancies in the EU through the EURAXESS Jobs portal and links researchers with the business sector.

The EURAXESS initiative this year marks its 10th anniversary and the Agency, in collaboration with the European Commission, wishes to use this occasion to better present it to Croatian citizens. Reaching out primarily to students and young researchers, it organised a special event entitled EURAXESS on Tour – Researchers in Motion!, which was part of the European tour including 29 cities and 22 countries and was held in Zagreb in front of the National and University Library in Zagreb on 3 April 2014.

This special programme offers students and young researchers information regarding the possibilities of starting or continuing their research career within the European Research Space. On each of its stops the EURAXESS Bus offers direct access to information terminals and an opportunity to consult with EURAXESS experts on the services and possibilities available as part of EURAXESS. The programme of the Tour wishes to further motivate students and researchers to continue or start following their research career and it thus additionally offers them the services of a professional CV photographer and assists them in uploading their CVs to the EURAXESS Jobs Portal, and in this way makes it easier for everyone interested in this service to present their knowledge, skills and competences on the job market.

The programme also included two workshops – one dealt with opportunities for applying for research vacancies in the European Union and using the Europass CV (Kako se prijaviti na istraživačka radna mjesta u Europskoj uniji i korištenje Europass životopisa) and the other presented various research funding schemes (Predstavljanje mogućnosti financiranja (NEWFELPRO, ERASMUS)).

The Tour will include more than 100,000 students and researchers across the European Union.

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