“Our past bound in books”: NSK marks European Heritage Days 2022

Objavljeno 23.9.2022.

On 22 September 2022, the National and University Library in Zagreb (NSK) hosted the opening of Our past bound in books (Uvezi naše prošlosti), a special exhibition organised by the Library’s Preservation and Storage Department as a way of marking European Heritage Days 2022, themed Sustainable Heritage.

The visual identity of “European Heritage Days 2022”, themed ‘Sustainable Heritage’, featuring the poster for the “Our past bound in books” exhibition of the National and University Library in Zagreb.

Authored by the Head of the Department’s Book Preservation and Binding Division Gabriela Aleksić and a young and innovative researcher from the Department of Computer Graphics and Multimedia Systems of the Zagreb Faculty of Graphic Arts Dr Vladimir Cviljušac, in cooperation with the Division’s staff, the exhibition spotlights some of the most impressive books in the Library’s collections, displaying them both in cabinets and as printed computer-generated hologram posters, which Dr Cviljušac developed as part of his doctoral research.

The exhibition’s opening programme included a welcome address by the National Library Affairs Assistant to the Director General of the National and University Library in Zagreb Dr Sofija Klarin Zadravec, who emphasised the importance of using modern technologies in heritage interpretation.

The exhibition was then presented in greater detail by its authors, Gabriela Aleksić, who emphasised the significance of new technologies and media in providing access to heritage which due to its material condition is not suitable for display at physical exhibitions, and Dr Vladimir Cviljušac, who presented the innovative technology that he developed and which was used in the preparation of the exhibition.

The Our past bound in books exhibition was organised with the support of a Zagreb-based agency specialising in the manufacture of documents and high-security print products Agencija za komercijalnu djelatnost (AKD).

Learn more about printed computer-generated hologram posters and related technology developed by Dr Cviljušac which has so far been presented in several international scientific journals such as Applied Optics, Technical Gazette and ACTA GRAPHICA.