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Croatian Retrospective Bibliography of Books 1835 – 1940


Between 1982 and 1999 the National and University Library in Zagreb published a series entitled “Materials for the Croatian Retrospective Bibliography of Books published between 1835 and 1940” in 25 volumes comprising 8,300 pages. The bibliography includes the list of all Croatian books from that period and other publications that were considered books at that time. The criteria for the selection of materials have been: Croatian authorship, the Croatian language and Croatian territory. The digitized version of the bibliography is currently being prepared.


The bibliography was made based on the traditional Croatian bibliographic description which relies on the so-called Prussian Instructions. The materials included in the NUL Online Catalogue were described according to the ISBD standard using MARC format.


The NSK Online Catalogue includes the Supplements to the Series “Materials for Croatian Retrospective Bibliography of Books 1835 – 1940” (abbreviation: HRB2). It is therefore possible to come across two records for a single book in the catalogue, for example one record within the Latinists’ bibliography and another within HRB2, or the record for the special (thematic) issue of a magazine based on the standard for the description of books and the other for the catalogue of serial publications based on the standards related to that specific type of description. Such double records are avoided whenever possible.

HRB2 records for books not held by the NUL, but by some other library, contain call numbers which include the designation RB, which indicates the designation of the library (institution code) and the book’s call number from that library, in case there is one. A similar procedure is applied in cases when a particular book is taken over from another bibliography. See the List of libraries/institutions and their codes.

The Bibliography of Croatian Latinists


CROATIAE SCRIPTORES LATINI RECENTIORIS AETATIS is being compiled at the Old and Rare Books Collection and it contains around 6,500 records of the works of Croatian Latinists. It was created through the conversion of records from the printed bibliography compiled by Šime Jurić and published under the title Iugoslaviae scriptores Latini recentioris aetatis (1968-1982). Apart from the individual works the bibliography includes shorter texts, i.e. writings accompanying major works – inscriptions, prefaces, epilogues, occasional verses, epistles, and other. These materials have been selected according to the three main criteria – language, authorship and period. Therefore, the bibliography contains all the available texts of Croatian authorship published in the Latin language from the 15th century to 1848. Around 2,000 newly discovered items were subsequently added to 4,500 records converted from the printed publication.

These records will be used for the printing of an enlarged re-edition of the bibliography.


Records from the printed bibliography have been literally converted into a machine-readable catalogue, through the application of the same rules (Prussian Instructions) that the author of the catalogue had used. Authority records are created based on UNIMARC/Authorities Format. These records are also recognizable by the use of Latin as the cataloguing language (e.g. notes, remarks, introductory statements, designations in physical description, etc.). However, the conversion into a machine-readable form necessitated the implementation of some contemporary standards, rules and regulations relating to the creation of records as well as headings and other elements in the catalogue.

How detailed a record is depends on its source: more detailed are the records which were originally created by the author of the bibliography, as well as those taken over from some secondary source – printed catalogues and bibliographies of other libraries, while those created on the basis of the data found in professional literature are significantly less detailed. Regardless of the differences in this respect between individual records, every record is supplemented by elements adding extra information and making it accessible through several paths and can later be used in the printout for various kinds of indices.


The records have been classified according to a scheme which has been specially developed for the purposes of creating this bibliography, which will also be presented through the UDC scheme.  Individual records do not include subject terms.


Currently the materials may be searched based on keywords, author, title, words from the title, NSK-UNIN. Various parameters are offered which enable you to narrow down your search.

Note: At this stage, searching by author enables one to also search publishers and printers/printing companies.


The bibliography only partly relies on the holdings of the NUL. Apart from the institution code, items kept by the NUL are designated by the call number which makes them directly accessible. Whenever possible, the items which are part of the holdings of other libraries are designated by the code of the institution where they are held and, with the majority of records, by its call number. See the List of libraries/institutions and their codes.

Note: In a system with such manifold designations, in some cases one will come across only the institution code of another library and in others both the institution code and the call number. However, in records taken over from secondary sources neither the institution nor the call number is available. The abbreviation of the source which contains citations or references to a certain publication included in the record is indicated in a special note. See the List of sources.