Official Publications Collection

Objavljeno 21.2.2012.
Opening hours
Monday-Friday 8.00 – 21.00
Saturday 9.00 – 14.00
+385 1 616 4004
+385 1 616 4003 (Reading room)

The Collection was established 30 years ago as the International Studies Section of the Reference Collection of the NUL. During this time it developed into the Official Publications Collection, whose scope and diversity of materials make it the largest collection of this kind in Croatia and beyond.

The Collection assembles and makes available information with regard to official publications of the Republic of Croatia, foreign states and international organizations. Official publications are publications issued by state government bodies, i.e. local government and administrative bodies, as their official publications, and publications of international organizations, intended for the public.

The Collection may be accessed in the open access reading room on Floor 4. Reference materials may be accessed in the reading room of the Collection and may not be borrowed outside the Library.