Objavljeno 21.2.2012.

Objectives according to the 2016-2020 NSK Strategy

Further development and improvement of comprehensive, catalogued, protected and accessible library collections in all material and digital forms..
The Library’s full integration into the national cultural and scientific e-infrastructure.
Further development and improvement of the national library system.

Objectives according to the 2012-2015 NSK Strategy

To be a socially responsible institution strongly determined in its mission to serve the general welfare and public interest and simultaneously share the fate of the Croatian society, which is firmly rooted in the traditions of the European civilization to which it inseparably belongs.
To create trustworthy repositories, provide first-class information and act as a partner in all initiatives advancing education and the acquisition of knowledge.
To protect its most valuable materials regardless of their form or medium and improve their availability.
To build and organize information systems, bring together through joint projects all the participants in the library sector and other areas of Croatian culture and science.
To establish the Croatian Digital Library.
To establish the International Academic Centre, a gathering place for Croatian, regional and international academic communities.