NSK on social networks

Objavljeno 9.1.2012.

Keeping abreast of modern developments in the library sector, according to which libraries have to adjust to the interests of their users, and responding to challenges posed by social media, the National and University Library in Zagreb created its profile on the fastest social network, Twitter, and thus added it to its Facebook profile.

By joining Facebook, by far the most popular social networking service, the National and University Library in Zagreb has fulfilled the expectations and needs of its users. Approximately 3,500 Facebook users daily follow the posts related to events and developments in the Library, its new projects and services, news in the field of librarianship and information sciences, including highlights from affiliated cultural institutions, published as texts, images and videos.

Twitter, known today as the “the SMS of the Internet”, is a social networking service with over 200 million active users, generating more than 200 million tweets and handling over 1.6 billion search queries per day.

By creating its Twitter account, a microblog through which it keeps its users informed by frequent and brief posts and at the same time follows posts of similar cultural institutions from Croatia and abroad, the National and University Library in Zagreb wishes to promote its activities, services and products and contribute to the Library’s better recognisability.