NUL Foreign Croatica Collection started its series of public debates

Objavljeno 20.2.2014.

The National and University Library in Zagreb will host a series of public debates organized by the NUL Foreign Croatica Collection. The first of these debates took place on 18 February 2014, headed by Željka Lovrenčić, Head of the NUL Foreign Croatica Collection.

A special guest at the debate was Drago Šaravanja, a writer and returnee from Australia. The debate focused on life in Australia, Croatian community in this country, the author’s return to Croatia after several decades of life abroad, his literary work, but above all on issues related to Croatian immigrants which he deals with in his works. He especially skillfully explored this theme in his 2003 novel Idemo kući published in Zagreb, for which he won the Croatian Writers’ Association 2002-2006 award for best work dealing with issues surrounding the life of Croats outside Croatia.

Drago Šaravanja was born on 17 January 1940 in Lipno, near Ljubuški. He graduated from Macquarie University in Sydney, majoring in Croatian language and literature. Šaravanja recently returned to Croatia, after living abroad for almost 42 years.