NSK2GO: NSK reaches out to its users online

Objavljeno 22.11.2021.

Starting from 22 November 2021, the National and University Library in Zagreb will increasingly be making available its services and resources online, through NSK2GO, the Library’s new service created for the purpose of reaching out to its users who are for whatever reason unable to use NSK services on the Library’s premises, i.e. in the Library’s building.

The Library will thus enable its users to borrow and return loan items as part of NSK Drive-in Loans, which service will be available from Monday to Friday from 13.00 to 15.00, at the entrance to the Library’s Digital Laboratory, NSK DigiLab, at the bottom of the flight of steps leading to the Library’s main entrance. Users will be able to book loan items by emailing the Library’s Central Lending Service at posudba@nsk.hr. They will be notified about a requested item being ready to be borrowed within 48 hours from emailing their request and be expected to collect the booked item within three days from receiving the notification about its availability for loan, after the expiry of which period the reservation will be cancelled.

Also, users wishing to register for the membership of the Library or renew their membership online may apply for both at https://upisi.nsk.hr/. Once the Library receives the confirmation of payment of the membership fee, users will be issued their NSK Digital Library Membership Card, based on which they will be able to access the Library’s services. Users wishing to collect their physical Library Membership Card upon registering for membership or renewing their membership of the Library online will be able do so at the Library’s Registration Desk.

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