NSK receives grants from newly established CENL support funds

Objavljeno 20.10.2020.

The National and University Library in Zagreb (NSK) received grants for its two new projects from the recently established support funds of The Conference of European National Librarians (CENL), which brings together the directors of 49 national libraries of the member states of the Council of Europe. A €2,500 grant of CENL Covid-19 Support Fund was awarded to the Library for the introduction of the modern ICT system for notifying the Library’s users about the Library’s operating regime and the terms of use of its services under the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. The same amount, another €2,500, was granted to the Library by CENL Hidden Stories Support Fund, for the preparation of The Rroma on the Road / Rroma pe Droma, an online exhibition on the Roma community in Croatia. The total amount of €5,000 was allocated to the Library based on its applications for bursaries offered by CENL until 17 September 2020.

The new ICT system for notifying NSK users about any changes in the Library’s operating regime brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic will include two large screens at the Library’s main entrance, two floor graphics on Floors 3 and 4, and 40 frames in the Library’s lifts and at reading room entrances for the display of the latest operating regime related notifications. The new system will contribute to NSK users being better informed about any changes in the Library’s services, especially those related to bringing the Library’s operating regime in line with the latest ant-epidemic measures and thus affecting the terms of use of its services, opening hours, code of conduct, reductions in the number of reading room seats, etc. It is expected that an increased availability and visibility of such notifications will greatly contribute to a decrease in the number of unnecessary entrances to the Library’s building and lead to optimisations in the use of the Library’s premises, which will all lead to the creation of a safer and healthier environment in all areas of the Library and thus to further improvements in the Library’s overall activity, in which context the Library considers its main task to timely notify its users in relation to any relevant issue.

NSK will organise The Rroma on the Road / Rroma pe Droma online exhibition on the Roma community in Croatia in cooperation with the Central Croatian Roma Library, established in 2020 and operating as part of KALI SARA, the Croatian Romani Union. As the only library of this kind in Europe, and most probably the single such library in the world, the Central Croatian Roma Library holds a rich collection of resources documenting the history, culture, tradition, migrations, suffering and achievements of the Roma people. The preparation of the exhibition will include the digitisation of a selection of books, manuscripts, photographs, drawings, videos and audios from various collections, as well as other types of resources relating to the Roma community in the Republic of Croatia and beyond. The exhibition project will be publicly presented as part of a special programme announcing the International Roma Day on 7 April, and the exhibition will be launched on the World Day of Romani Language on 5 November 2021.NSK dodijeljena sredstva zaklade CENL za pomoć knjižnicama pogođenim pandemijom bolesti COVID-19.