NSK publishes the 16th issue of its journal, “The Voice of NSK”

Objavljeno 17.3.2020.

The National and University Library in Zagreb published the 16th issue of its journal, The Voice of NSK, which it presented at the celebration of the 2020 National and University Library in Zagreb Day, held at the Croatian State Archives on 21 February. The new issue brings relevant and interesting content intended primarily for professionals in the field of information and communication sciences, but also for everyone else interested in cultural heritage, its preservation and presentation.

The year 2020, especially its first half, has proved particularly important for the Library, which by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Croatia has been made the seat of Croatia’s presidency of the Council of the European Union. Apart from being a great honour, this designation proved highly useful for the Library, since one third of its premises, which was left unfinished since 1995, has finally been completed and is now ready to serve many generations of Croatian scientists to come. Highlighted together with this significant Library’s assignation in this issue’s Feature section is the interview with the Library’s newly appointed Director General Dr Ivanka Stričević. Taking office on 1 February 2020, Dr Stričević revealed her programme and plans for the Library, her expectations with regard to the Library’s role as the seat of Croatia’s presidency of the EU Council, as well as what the Library’s staff may expect from her.

This issue’s In the focus section brings four articles. The first, authored by the President of the Croatian Library Association and NSK Integrated Library System Adviser Dijana Machala, spotlights the newly adopted Croatian Library Act, and the second, authored by the Head of NSK Cataloguing Department Tanja Buzina, presents the Library’s new web portals – NSK Subject Headings and NSK UDC Authority File. In the third article, the Head of NSK Croatian Digital Library Development Division Sofija Klarin Zadravec writes about the Library’s online exhibitions programme, which she initiated with the aim of innovatively and creatively presenting valuable resources in the Library’s collections. The fourth article, a contribution by the Head of NSK Foreign Croatica Collection Željka Lovrenčić, presents an overview of the Collection’s open forum programme, introduced by Lovrenčić in 2014 and expected to have its 40th edition in 2020.

Presented in the Guest of the issue section is Sandi Antonac, the Head of NSK Marketing and Communications Section and winner of the 2018 National and University Library in Zagreb Award, whose positive energy, enthusiasm and remarkable social skills combined with professional dedication crowned by success stand as proof that the Library’s award again found its rightful holder.

Marking the centenary of the Library’s Print Collection in 2019, the NSK treasures section brings a feature by the Collection’s senior curator Maja Karić presenting its oldest treasure – a woodcut entitled Gebenna, printed in Nuremberg, Germany, in 1493.

In the issue’s Donations section, the Head of NSK Manuscripts and Old Books Collection Irena Galić Bešker presents the manuscript heritage of a jurist, lawyer, sociologist, publicist and politician Ivo Pilar (1874-1933), and the Head of NSK Foreign Croatica Collection Željka Lovrenčić writes about the works and other possessions of a surrealist poet and playwright Radovan Ivšić (1921-2009) which were donated to the Library in 2019 by his wife, the French poet Annie Le Brun.

Unable to present all of the Library’s many successful cooperation projects, the Cooperation section spotlights the one which is currently the most geographically widespread. Entitled Traditional children’s stories for a common future, or TRACE, the project, presented here by the project coordinator Frida Bišćan and members of the project team Karolina Holub and myself, brings together partner institutions and organisations from Croatia, Greece, Latvia and Spain, with the Library acting as the coordinating institution.

Introducing an entirely new section, Notable librarians, this issue brings a feature by the Head of the Croatian Institute for Librarianship Tinka Katić presenting Elza Kučera, a psychologist and the first female librarian in Croatia.

Apart from an overview of a century-long activity of the Library’s Print Collection, occasioned by the one hundredth anniversary of its founding, the Great anniversaries section brings an article commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of the great Croatian composer Vatroslav Lisinski (1819-1854), jointly authored by the Head of NSK Music Collection Tatjana Mihalić and Head of NSK Manuscripts and Old Books Collection Irena Galić Bešker, and a feature by senior librarians at the Croatian Web Archive Ingeborg Rudomino and Karolina Holub presenting the 15th anniversary of the Archive’s founding.

The Major events section brings presentations of the Library’s most relevant programmes over the past year, while this issue’s In brief section presents its most significant events, organised independently or in cooperation with other cultural and public institutions in Croatia.

Traditionally, the issue also presents the Library’s latest publications as highly valuable resources capturing the Library’s activities and enabling library and information specialists and the members of the general public to make use of the professional knowledge of the Library’s staff.

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