NSK publishes 19th issue of its journal, “The Voice of NSK”

Objavljeno 31.7.2023.

The 19th issue of the journal of the National and University Library in Zagreb (NSK), The Voice of NSK, is now available in both printed and electronic format, with summaries in English. Check out its content, which presents the Library’s significant projects and cooperation initiatives in the previous year as well as its latest publications.

Particularly standing out among its stories is the one presenting CroAtrium, a multimedia lab and heritage interpretation centre spotlighting Croatica – Croatia’s national collection that the Library preserves and curates, which we bring you in this issue’s Feature section.

In the In the focus section, you can find out more about the activities that we organised to express the Library’s support for and solidarity with Ukraine in its struggle against the aggression it has withstood since February 2022, but also about the results of our 2022 user satisfaction survey.

Apart from presenting the winners of the 2021 National and University Library in Zagreb Award Nada Radman and Jasenka Zajec, the rest of the journal’s altogether 12 sections bring you lots of interesting details about the Library’s work, the treasures in its collections and distinguished professionals who left a significant mark on Croatia’s culture and science.

Read our stories, learn more about the library community in Croatia, and beyond, and feel free to send us any suggestions or comments that you might have at glas@nsk.hr.

The front page and featured articles of the 19th issue of “The Voice of NSK”, the journal of the National and University Library in Zagreb.