NSK publishes 18th issue of its journal, “The Voice of NSK”

Objavljeno 1.8.2022.

Keeping abreast of the fast pace of today’s world and everyone’s need to get information just as fast, the National and University Library in Zagreb (NSK) published both the printed and electronic edition of the 18th issue of its journal, The Voice of NSK, switching to a briefer form of presentation.

The year 2021 may be considered a turning point for the Library owing to the adoption of NSK Development Strategy 2026, a document spotlighted in the issue’s Feature section towards which in the period to follow the Library will be gearing its activities, development and projects, focusing on three strategic goals – the availability of its collections, data and services to all user groups, capacity strengthening and cooperation targeting development and innovation.

The In the focus section brings an overview of the Library’s activities during the previous year – its involvement in the Year of Reading 2021 national campaign, the impact on it of Croatia’s new library legislation, the strengthening of its international cooperation through the election of NSK Director General Dr Ivanka Stričević to CENL Executive Committee, its latest efforts to follow contemporary digital transformation trends and develop its contactless services and the tenth anniversary of telling interesting stories about heritage through its online exhibitions website.

The legacy of Dinko Fio, Croatia’s notable 20th-century folk song collector, composer, conductor and music educator, highlighted through the Fiofest 2021. concert and the Library’s digital collection featuring Fio’s works and other related resources (Digitalna zbirka maestra Dinka Fija „Maestro moj“) is presented in the NSK treasures section.

The Library runs or is part of many projects with the aim of modernising its existing services or developing new ones. In order to present at least some of these projects, in this issue we launched the Featured projects section, whose first edition spotlights the Library’s projects focusing on the legal deposit system (E-praktikum obveznog primjerka), the Library’s Digital Laboratory’s podcast platform (Podcast u Digitalnom laboratoriju NSK – produciranje i distribucija kulturnih i obrazovnih sadržaja) and the promotion of the legacy in the Library’s collections of Tonko  Maroević (1941-2020), the outstanding Croatian writer, art historian and Fellow of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (Riznica riječi Tonka Maroevića u Nacionalnoj i sveučilišnoj knjižnici u Zagrebu).

The Cooperation section presents the Library’s 2021 cooperation with the French Institute in Croatia, as part of which the Library received thirty-three original volumes of Encyclopédie, the 18th-century French encyclopaedia and one of the principal works of the Age of Enlightenment, its several 2021 cooperation programmes with Večernji list, one of the leading newspapers and media brands in Croatia, among which the organisation of the exhibition marking the 30th anniversary of the battle of Vukovar, the most bitter armed conflict of the 1991-1995 Croatian Homeland War (Sloboda se njegovim imenom zove) is particularly worth singling out, and the 2021 international cultural cooperation programme aimed at the preservation of national identity of Croats in Montenegro which the Library conducted with Ljudevit Gaj Library in Donja Lastva, Montenegro.

The achievements of the winners of the 2020 National and University Library in Zagreb Award Darko Čižmek, in the category singling out the Library’s outstanding and most dedicated employees, and Dr Ljiljana Sabljak, awarded as a longtime prominent Croatian library professional, are presented in this issue’s Guest of the issue section.

The Notable librarians section presents Dr Mirna Willer, the holder of IFLA Scroll of Appreciation for 2020 and an outstanding Croatian library professional who throughout her brilliant career focused on fostering diversity, inclusion and equality, and Velimir Deželić Snr, early 20th-century Croatian visionary, library leader and the 1911-1919 Library’s Director General.

In the Homage section we remember Sonja Avalon, our dear former colleague, longtime distinguished library professional and the Library’s brand ambassador of a kind throughout her long and successful career.

Closing this issue is the Great anniversaries section, in which we are highlighting the Library’s programmes in 2021 dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the printing of Judita, the 1521 cornerstone of Croatian literature, and the 40th anniversary of the death of the titan of Croatian literature Miroslav Krleža (1893-1981), the Major events section, which presents a wide variety of the Library’s programmes spotlighting culture, research and the latest developments in the heritage sector, and the Latest NSK Publications section.

Read our stories, learn more about the library community in Croatia, and beyond, and feel free to send us any suggestions or comments that you might have at glas@nsk.hr.

The front page and featured articles of the 18th issue of “The Voice of NSK”, the journal of the National and University Library in Zagreb.