NSK providing access to RapidILL interlibrary loan system free of charge

Objavljeno 26.4.2023.

Since April 2023, the National and University Library in Zagreb (NSK) is providing access to RapidILL, a fast and cost-effective interlibrary loan system developed by the Ex Libris Clarivate company. Based on cloud computing and enabling the delivery of the digital copies of articles and chapters from the titles in the collections of more than 500 academic libraries from across the world, the service is available to all the Library’s users and libraries using the NSK Interlibrary loan services.

The visual identity of RapidILL interlibrary loan system.

Article and book chapter requests may be submitted via the NSK RapidILL Request Form.

The RapidILL service enables a direct delivery in PDF format of requested material to an e-address the request submission was sent from within 12 hours on average of the request submission.

Owing to the service being provided during a three-year period as a result of the Library’s cooperation with the University of Zagreb focusing on investments in the strengthening of the infrastructure of Croatia’s higher education system and the national research infrastructure, the service is free of charge for the Library’s registered users.

By introducing this service, the National and University Library in Zagreb is joining a growing community of the world’s major academic libraries acting as leaders in the development of shared services and making globally available the resources in its collections to other libraries included in the RapidILL system faster than ever before.