NSK presenting the Latin transliteration of “Korizmenjak”, a gem of Croatian Glagolitic heritage

Objavljeno 3.5.2019.

On 7 May 2019, the National and University Library in Zagreb will host a presentation of the Latin transliteration of Korizmenjak, a 1508 collection of Lent sermons printed in the Glagolitic alphabet, and an accompanying dictionary (Korizmenjak: Senj, 1508.: latinična transkripcija glagoljskoga teksta (s uvodom i rječnikom).

This valuable edition, published by the National and University Library in Zagreb and City of Senj, will be presented by the Fellows of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts Stjepan Damjanović and Anica Nazor, who is also the book’s author, and Associate Professor of Croatian Language and Literature at the Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Boris Kuzmić.

The edition brings the Latin transliteration of Lent sermons originally written in the Old Church Slavonic language and typographically consistent Angular Glagolitic alphabet, whose facsimile edition was published in 1981 by the Senj Museum Association (Senjsko muzejsko društvo).

The Latin transcription and an accompanying dictionary of this valuable work of the notable Senj printing house was prepared as part of the Croatian Glagolitic Heritage project, run by the National and University Library in Zagreb. Considering the significance of the Senj printing house and the value of Glagolitic books that it printed between 1494 and 1508, the City of Senj has also been included in the project.

The edition’s consulting editors are Dr Ivan Kosić, former Head of the NSK Manuscripts and Old Books Collection and former leader of the Croatian Glagolitic Heritage project, and Dr Mateo Žagar, Professor at the Section for Old Church Slavonic and Croatian Glagolitic Heritage of the Department of Croatian language and literature at the Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The edition was published in a print run of 150 copies, and its publication was supported by the City of Senj and the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education.

Printed for the purpose of promoting the book was a related portfolio of Glagolitic miniatures depicting the stories and characters of the sermons. The miniatures, painted by Vjera Reiser, vividly illustrate stories, such as that of The Miserly Son, which subsequently became an integral part of Croatian literature.

The presentation will be held in the Library’s grand lobby, starting at 12.00.