NSK marking Europe Day 2023 by spotlighting climate neutrality as European Green Deal’s main goal

Objavljeno 8.5.2023.

From 8 to 12 May 2023, the National and University Library in Zagreb (NSK) will be running an interactive programme marking Europe Day 2023, spotlighting climate neutrality as the main goal of the European Green Deal. Reaching out to the Library’s users as well as to the wider public, the programme will be taking place in the Library’s grand lobby, where all are invited to contribute a leaf to the NSK Climate Neutrality Tree.

The visual identity of the European Green Deal and the invitation to the users of the National and University Library in Zagreb and the wider public to take part in its Europe Day 2023 programme spotlighting climate neutrality.

Organised by the Library’s European Documentation Centre (EDC NSK) as part of the Library’s Green Library for Green Croatia programme, the five-day event will provide an opportunity for celebrating the shared values of the European Union and emphasising in this context the importance of its citizens’ dedication to actively contribute to a more sustainable and cleaner future. The event participants will be able to express the ways in which they do their part in the transition of their local community to climate neutrality by writing them down on paper leaves which they will add to the Tree. Ready-made paper leaves with hints about how to take action when it comes to climate neutrality will be available for all those feeling not familiar enough with the concept of climate neutrality.

The European Green Deal, approved by the European Commission in 2020, is the European Union’s response to the threat to Europe and the world posed by climate change and environmental degradation. Aimed at making the European Union and Europe climate-neutral by 2050, it simultaneously ambitiously targets the energy and industry sectors, construction industry and transport.