NSK included in Research Organization Registry (ROR)

Objavljeno 11.10.2021.

Owing to its inclusion in the Research Organization Registry (ROR), the National and University Library in Zagreb has been assigned a unique ROR ID – https://ror.org/01ereaj97.

ROR is a global registry bringing together open, sustainable, usable and unique identifiers for research organisations. It was jointly launched in 2019 by Crossref, California Digital Library, DataCite and Digital Science, based on data from Digital Science’s Global Research Identifier Database (GRID), and currently provides searchable records and ROR IDs for over 102,000 organisations.

ROR records include basic metadata for all organisations included in the registry such as alternate versions of institution names, institution-related URL, location, other institution-related identifiers and other distinctive data. As an open, unique, top-level and free identifier, a ROR ID has a form of a URL resolving to the metadata of the institution it identifies.

Since ROR IDs are interoperable with other identifiers and implemented into other affiliated systems such as GRID, ISNI, Crossref Funder Registry and Wikidata, it is increasingly used by the growing number of databases and institutions for the purpose of unique identification and enabling quick and easy association between research organisations and their research outputs, owing to which their implementation into research infrastructure has considerably facilitated the discovery and monitoring of research results among institutions and research funders.

The logotype of the Research Organization Registry (ROR), with an illustration above multiple colours and the image of a pride of lions.