NSK hosts „EBSCO Information Day – Open Source Initiative & Discovery & Consortium Experience“

Objavljeno 19.5.2016.

On 17 May 2016 the National and University Library in Zagreb (NSK) hosted EBSCO Information Day – Open Source Initiative & Discovery & Consortium Experience, a special programme organised by the EBSCO Information Services company.

The programme included presentations by several EBSCO representatives as well as a representative of the Library and Information Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Tony Zanders, Vice President of Global Customer Development (EBSCO Information Services), gave an update on EBSCO’s international partnerships strategy focusing on institutions in the library sector and spoke about investments in open source solutions in library systems with the aim of optimising the flow of library activities and operations.

Richard Burkitt, Director of Discovery Innovation (EBSCO Information Services), and Dalibor Parać, Discovery Engineer (EBSCO Information Services), together presented EBSCO’s Discovery Service, an advanced software enabling a fast and easy discovery of a wide range of information sources provided by various institutions through a single search.

Jan Luprich, Regional Sales Manager (EBSCO Information Services), presented new content, latest electronic resources and services provided by EBSCO, while Katalin Urban, head of one of the departments making part of the Hungarian Electronic Information Services National Programme (EISZ) of the Library and Information Centre at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, presented the Hungarian consortium’s experiences related to the provision of access to online databases and cooperation with their publishers.

EBSCO currently offers access to more than 375 research databases in various fields, over 550,000 e-books and subscription services for 360,000 electronic and print journals. Its services and resources are a valuable tool in the work of academic institutions, schools, public libraries, hospitals and other healthcare institutions, corporations, associations, government institutions, etc.

Except for its advanced databases and data-and-resource discovery tools, EBSCO is also famous for its ecological and social awareness. In this context the company takes active part in various initiatives aimed at the bridging of the “digital gap” between advanced and developing countries and has so far participated in the making accessible of the most significant research databases for universities from 39 developing countries.