NSK European Documentation Centre marking 2023 European Patients’ Rights Day

Objavljeno 18.4.2023.

Marking the 2023 European Patients’ Rights Day, the European Documentation Centre operating as part of the National and University Library in Zagreb (EDC NSK) has made available a representative selection of online resources with information on patients’ rights in Europe. Observed on 18 April and based on the 2002 European Charter of Patients’ Rights – drawn up by Active Citizenship Network (ACN) and representing a key document when it comes to patients’ rights in Europe – the European Patients’ Rights Day is dedicated to raising public awareness of patients’ rights and promoting initiatives aimed at ensuring that all patients in Europe are provided top quality healthcare.

The selection includes official publications of the European Union addressing patients’ rights such as the right of access to information, access to healthcare, to high quality health services, privacy and confidentiality, participation in decisions regarding one’s health, the right to complain and to take legal action in relation to healthcare.

Learn more about patients’ rights in Europe from all perspectives, that of a patient, healthcare worker, legal expert, researcher, medical student or any other.

The visual identity for the EDC NSK initiative marking 2023 European Patients’ Rights Day.