NSK European Documentation Centre invites citizens to take part in survey on COVID-19 crisis management

Objavljeno 4.6.2020.

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission and University College London (UCL) have jointly launched a survey on the perception of the European citizens of their countries’ response to the COVID-19 crisis. Entitled COVID-19: Emergency, Recovery and Improvement, the survey focuses on how the respondents perceive the management of the pandemic-related crisis and the way in which it was communicated to the public, also seeking to establish the respondents’ expectations regarding the recovery from now lifted anti-pandemic measures.

The results of the survey, which is open until 15 June 2020, will be used to outline a long-term strategy aimed at enabling Europe’s communities to prepare for other similar crises in the future, be they climate change-related extreme weather events such as heatwaves and floods, natural threats posed by phenomena in outer space, technology-related disruptions such as massive power blackouts, malicious actions targeting computer information systems, networks and devices such as cyberattacks, or simply the second wave of the pandemic.

Being the central point of reference for all information related to the activities of the European Union, the European Documentation Centre operating as part of the National and University Library in Zagreb is supporting this survey as highly relevant and is therefore inviting all EU citizens who were of legal age when the anti-COVID-19 measures were introduced to take part in it.

Data collected in the survey will exclusively be used for research purposes and will not be in any way shared with any party not included in the survey.