NSK European Documentation Centre alert: European Commission President State of the Union Address 2020

Objavljeno 11.9.2020.

The President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen will deliver her first State of the Union Address on 16 September 2020. The address, instituted in 2010, is delivered every September before the European Parliament to present the Commission’s work in the past year, announce its priorities for the upcoming year, especially in relation to the greatest current challenges that the European Union is facing, as well as to put forward ideas for shaping the future of the Union.

The Commission’s current President von der Leyen will give an overview of the priorities set at the beginning of her term of office and show their relevance in the context of the Union’s efforts to rise to the present challenges. She will also emphasise the necessity for Europe to act as a leader in a global transition towards ensuring a healthy planet and a new digital world. Her address will be livestreamed on the Commission’s website and be followed by a plenary debate with the members of the Parliament.

Citizens may put questions to the President via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or by e-mail, by submitting them in the form of a video lasting up to 30 seconds, using the #AskThePresident hashtag and tagging the European Commission. Questions to be answered will be selected based on their relevance, as well as the quality of the video that they have been put as part of, and be included in a recorded Q&A session with the President.

The European Documentation Centre operating as part of the National and University Library in Zagreb (EDC NSK), acting as a central point of reference in the Republic of Croatia for all information related to the activities of the European Union, invites all Croatian citizens to follow this significant address and use the opportunity to take active part in it.