NSK DigiLab launches podcast platform spotlighting culture, science and education

Objavljeno 21.10.2021.

In October 2021, the Digital Laboratory of the National and University Library in Zagreb, NSK DigiLab, launched its podcast platform, whose content is currently available via the platform’s YouTube channel (DigiLab NSK Podcasti).

The platform, whose launching this year as conveniently as unintentionally coincides with the 20th anniversary of the first appearance of Apple’s iPod, a device to which all podcasts owe their name, has been set up as part of NSK DigiLab’s project highlighting podcasts as a medium suitable for the production and distribution of cultural and educational content (Podcast u Digitalnom laboratoriju NSK – produciranje i distribucija kulturnih i obrazovnih sadržaja) which the Laboratory is running with the support of the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media since the beginning of 2021, as part of the Ministry’s Year of Reading 2021 national programme.

The platform currently offers five podcasts: 

Beli Zagreb Grad shares its name, and author, a young and creative website content manager Barbara Grgić, with a web portal dedicated to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, and will be hosting inspiring artists shaping Zagreb’s, but also Croatia’s cultural and art scene; 

Mladi znanstvenici među nama, authored by the University of Zagreb, will be presenting young Croatian scientists and their innovative and progressive projects;

Gdje ideje idu?, hosted by Bruno Ćurko, from the Zadar-based NGO Petit Philosophy, will be focusing on philosophy, various contemporary ideas and their creators;

ZKDruškanje, hosted by Mihael Bily, from the Zagreb Library Association, will be spotlighting the latest projects, current issues and activities in the Croatian library sector, and, of course, present Croatian library professionals;

in Lov na govor, speech coach Davor Stanković and his guests will be discussing the importance of communication, speaking skills and formal training in rhetoric.

The sixth podcast (Moć knjige) is soon to be added to the platform – its host Dobrila Zvonarek, a regular member of the creative and innovative team organising Croatian Book Night, one of the most popular annual cultural events in Croatia, and her guests will be discussing books, their social role and their future in Croatia.

The necessity to completely or partially transfer regular activities into the digital and online environments, brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, caught many institutions, organisations, associations and individuals in the cultural and creative industries sectors off guard. Precisely for this reason, NSK DigiLab launched this project, focusing on the setting up of the Library’s podcast platform, based on the principles of accessibility, decentralisation, economic efficiency and sustainability. It conforms with the Lab’s motto,Making digital technologies available to everyone”, highlighting social inclusion, and so represents yet another contribution to the attainment of our objective, which is to stimulate innovation and provide opportunities for learning about and experimenting with new media and technologies, said the Head of NSK DigiLab Dragana Koljenik.

The black-and-yellow visual identity of NSK DigiLab podcast platform, with the visual identity of five podcasts that the platform currently offers.