NSK and IRIM continue cooperation on projects aimed at development of digital society

Objavljeno 24.7.2020.

On 22 July 2020, the Institute for Youth Development and Innovation (IRIM) and National and University Library in Zagreb signed agreements enabling the two institutions to continue cooperating in the field of the development of the digital society on two projects – Digital Libraries for Local Development (DL4LD) and Digital Citizen.

The IRIM institute donated to the Library micro:bit kits for ecological measurements, manuals on using micro:bit technology and on the concept of citizen science, micro:Maqueen micro:bit kits and the accompanying robot tracks.

The donated equipment will be made available at NSK DigiLab, the Library’s Digital Laboratory, which since March 2019 acts as the central point for the implementation and development of digital technologies and skills in Croatian libraries.

The Library expresses its gratitude to the IRIM institute for this latest donation, as well as for a long-standing and successful cooperation.