Ninth Festival of Croatian Digitisation Projects held

Objavljeno 14.5.2019.

On 9 and 10 May 2019, the National and University Library in Zagreb held the ninth edition of its annual Festival of Croatian Digitisation Projects. Through its many participants and insightful presentations, the ninth D-fest confirmed the importance of bringing together every year professionals in the field of the digitisation of cultural heritage.

The central theme of this year’s Festival was heritage interpretation as the means for preserving cultural heritage and bringing it closer to the wider public. The Festival’s programme also addressed issues related to digitisation, the related copyright issues, and digital cultural products, particularly focusing on online exhibitions and mobile applications. It additionally provided an overview of the latest research results showing the current state in the field of the digitisation of cultural heritage, presented several joint digitisation projects, as well as the results of interesting research in the field of the digitisation of textual data and the application of optical recognition character (OCR) software in this context. The two-day programme included altogether 25 oral and 8 poster presentations by specialists and professionals from all across Croatia.

The programme also included the presentation of the current Croatian national cultural heritage digitisation plan (Nacionalni plan digitalizacije kulturne baštine 2025.), implemented by the Croatian Ministry of Culture, which offers a framework for the realisation of programmes focusing on the digitisation of cultural heritage and the development of related infrastructure. It presented several attractive online exhibitions, Marko Marulić, Hrvatska glagoljica, Vizualiziranje nacionalnog: skjavonske/ilirske bratovštine i kolegiji u Italiji u zbirkama NSK, Nikola Andrić – Parižanin s Vuke, Narodna tiskarnica Ljudevita Gaja, Šetnja Bjelovarom, the latest mobile application of the National and University Library in Zagreb Pozdrav s Krke, and plans for the development of a mobile application that will present the archaeological site at Tilurium and heritage of the area preserved at the Trilj Local History Museum.

This year’s D-fest brought together more than 140 representatives of Croatian libraries, archives and museums, as well as specialists and professionals from other fields and sectors working on the digitisation of cultural heritage. By organising its annual Festival of Croatian Digitisation Projects, the National and University Library in Zagreb wishes to promote the digitisation of cultural and scientific heritage as the means for making this valuable heritage as widely available as possible, acquiring new knowledge, freely exploring varied content, enriching national, regional, local or personal cultural identity and expressing it in a variety of different ways, encouraging the advancement of cultural tourism, as well as for integrating and innovatively using modern technologies in culture, science and education.

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