New terms of use of NSK services under limited operating regime

Objavljeno 8.6.2020.

Starting from 9 June 2020, as part of normalising its activity in line with the phased easing of the measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, the National and University Library in Zagreb is introducing new terms of use of its services under a limited operating regime.

The Library will no longer be closed every day for the purpose of the disinfection of its premises, and the number of users in the Library will be increased to 240 at a time. The users must use special library containers all throughout the time they spend in the Library and not leave behind any of their belongings at every exit to the Library’s lobby.

The reading rooms on Floors 1, 3 and 4 and those operating as part of the Library’s Special Collections will be available for study, while the user area on the Ground and Mezzanine Floors will remain closed for the time being. The users will be able to take a break from working in the reading room until 15.00 and during that time leave their belongings at the seat that they have been assigned. The café on the Library’s Floor 5 will continue to be open from Monday to Friday between 8 and 15.30, while the adjoining restaurant will remain closed until further notice.

Abiding by the still effective anti-pandemic measures, users will have their body temperature taken with non-contact IR thermometers and only users with a temperature of not higher than 37.1 °C (98.78 °F) will be allowed to enter the Library. In order to be able to subsequently make possible the tracking down of contacts and supply other vital data under the circumstances of the epidemic, the Library will continue to keep records of everyone using its reading room services which will include their contact information and a precise indication of the time period spent in the reading room.

Users will be able to track the number of available reading room seats via a specially designed application or check their availability by contacting the Library’s Information Centre on (0)1 6164 002, while those wishing to use rooms for individual or group study will have to register in advance on (0)1 6164 065.

Work in the reading rooms will continue to be organised based on a safe seating arrangement, according to which users will be expected to use only a specific labelled seat that they have been assigned at their registration for working in a reading room.

Users will also have to continue to comply with all the recommendations issued by the Croatian Institute of Public Health and accordingly use protective masks and frequently sanitise their hands, for which purpose a disinfectant will be made available at the entrance to and other parts of all user areas. In relation to the same measures, lifts are to be used by not more than two persons at the same time.

In order to minimise the number of users entering the Library, users should check in advance whether the items that they are interested in borrowing are available by emailing the Library’s Information Centre or contacting the Centre on (0)1 6164 002.

The Library is inviting its users to closely follow the Library’s website and its profiles on social networks for all notifications regarding changes in the terms of use of the Library’s services occasioned by the measures to combat the spread of COVID-19.