New content about environmental protection in Croatian Web Archive (HAW)

Objavljeno 5.1.2022.

In December 2021, the Croatian Web Archive (HAW) and the Official Publications Collection of the National and University Library in Zagreb jointly selected new online content for the Archive’s thematic collection spotlighting issues related to environmental protection. The cooperation was part of the 2020 Croatian Book Month programme, which marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day celebrations, and it focused on archiving online content dealing with recycling, energy efficiency, industrial pollution control, waste management, environmental clean-up initiatives, etc., all with the aim of raising public awareness about the vital importance of sustainable development and protecting nature. The archived copies of the selected webpages represent permanently accessible and protected versions of these webpages at the time at which they were captured and offer functionalities recreating all the features of their originals.

In view of the profound significance of environmental issues as well as of the growing number of new environmental associations, initiatives and movements, the update of the collection with new content was joined by the European Documentation Centre operating as part of the National and University Library in Zagreb. Thus, in November 2021, some 50 new webpages, parts of webpages and news sites were added to the collection.

The increase in the online content on the Croatian national web domain related to environmental issues indicates a growing interest of Croatian citizens in this pressing topic and a need for a wider public debate about environmental protection.

HAW’s Environmental Protection (2021) collection’s long-term archiving is not only relevant in terms of its accessibility for generations to come but also represents a valuable starting point for ecology-oriented multidisciplinary research. It is available via the NSK Online Catalogue and may be used for various purposes, both as a source of accurate and relevant data on the importance of sustainable development and environmental protection and a source of information on how to urgently and practically act on these data.

The snapshots of webpages added to the “Environmental protection (2021)” thematic collection of the Croatian Web Archive (HAW).