National and University Library in Zagreb hosts “Revisiting Perun”

Objavljeno 3.10.2014.

The National and University Library in Zagreb is organising a special programme entitled Revisiting Perun (Perunu u pohode), which will begin a day prior to the celebration of the Croatian Independence Day, 7 October 2014. Apart from the Library, the organiser of the programme is also the Mošćenička Draga Section of the Chakavian Assembly.

The purpose of this programme is to give an overview of the decades of scientific research into Old Slavic mythology in this region. Extensive scientific research projects, prompted by the discovery of the shrine of Perun – the supreme deity in the ancient Slavic pantheon – in Trebišća on the mountain Učka in 2004, resulted in numerous scientific papers, symposiums and conferences, books and other publications. New insights and applied research methods have contributed to the discovery of new valuable archaeological sites all across Croatia which serve as unequivocal evidence of the presence of Croats in this region before it started to be dominated by Christianity in the 9th century.

Revisiting Perun

7 October 2014, 12.00

Opening of the Perun Revisited exhibition (Perunu u pohode).
Lecture by Emeritus Professor Vitomir Belaj, Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Zagreb, and Juraj Belaj, Institute of Archaeology (Mit u prostoru).
Musical performance by Lidija Bajuk, a notable Croatian musician, artist and ethnologist.

The exhibition will be held under the auspices of the Speaker of the Croatian Parliament Josip Leko and will be open until 31 October 2014.

17 October 2014, 12.00

Lecture by Ante Milošević, Director of the Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments (Tragom starih vjerovanja u kršćanstvu ranog i srednjeg vijeka).

28 October 2014, 10.00

Roundtable on the research project focusing on the topography of Perun as the map of the origins of the Croatian nation and state (Projekt istraživanja i izgradnje modela za obilježavanje Perunove topografije – počeci stvaranja hrvatske nacije i države).

Participants: Fellow of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts Radoslav Katičić, Emeritus Professor Vitomir Belaj, Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Zagreb, and Krešimir Krnic, Department of Indology, University of Zagreb.
Moderator: Veseljko Velčić, head of the project.