Mission and vision

Objavljeno 21.2.2012.


Library activity is of special interest to the Republic of Croatia and the National and University Library in Zagreb is a public institution of national significance which performs library activities and provides information and reference services acting as the national library of the Republic of Croatia and the central library of the University of Zagreb. The Library also conducts scientific, research and development activities for the purpose of promoting Croatian librarianship and organizing and developing Croatian library system. The founder of the National and University Library in Zagreb is the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the rights and obligations of the founder are thus assumed by the Croatian Government (Library Act, Official Gazette Nos. 105/97, 5/98, 104/00, 69/09).

The mission of the National and University Library in Zagreb is to provide for every user, Croatian society as a whole, as well as for all interested individuals – regardless of where they might be – high-quality library services which will contribute to the raising of the level of knowledge and ability at the national level and to their recognition at the international level, by assembling, processing, preserving and making available for use the materials in its collections and the entire Library’s holdings.


The National and University Library in Zagreb must be a place o synergy for Croatian library system and the information source which enables learning about tradition, uniqueness and authenticity and provides insight into history and development of the nation, its institutions and their activities throughout a centuries-long continuity. The Library also has to serve as a point of communication enabling the acquisition of new competences, whether one physically visits the Library or makes use of its services and materials available in the virtual surrounding. Furthermore, the Library is an interdisciplinary place for the exchange of information and knowledge, a multimedia centre of culture and art based on creativity and accessibility. Being inseparable from the context of the time in which it exists and equally dedicated to historical as well as to current national identity, it should represent the best, most comprehensive and most reliable resource of information about the Republic of Croatia to Croatian citizens, Croats outside the Republic of Croatia, members of minority groups in Croatia and to the entire Croatian cultural and scientific community. Its information resources must be based on standards and principles of quality and all of its activities conducted in accordance with high professional criteria.