Lending services

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Central Lending Service

Opening hours
Monday–Friday 8.00-21.00
Saturday 9.00 – 14.00

Tel: 00385 1 616 4085; 00385 1 616 4063; 00385 1 616 4065

Closed Stack Requests
Requests for closed stack items are processed within 45 minutes.

Closed stack items requested to reading rooms remain available for 60 days.

In case the user who submitted the closed stack request does not use the requested material for a period longer than 3 days, this material will be returned to closed stacks and made available to other users.

Lending services
To borrow the Library items, users must fill out and sign a form and enter on it a complete and accurate shelfmark, along with all other relevant details pertaining to a particular volume.

Closed stack items which users wish to borrow must be requested at the Lending Services Desk (Ground Floor). After the closing of the Lending Service Desk, Closed Stack Requests are put in the Box of Requests and processed the next day.

When submitting the form for borrowing Library items users must present:

a) Library Membership Card and student’s record book or student card
b) Library Membership Card and a proof of identity containing a photograph

Closed stack requests are processed within 45 minutes. On weekdays such requests must be submitted until 19:30, and on Saturdays until 12.00. Requests submitted after these hours are processed the next day.

The maximum number of items that users may borrow at a time is 5.

After the loan period the books must be returned to where they were issued (the reading rooms on Floors 3 and 4 or Lending Service Desk on the Ground Floor).

Titles from the Open Access Reading Rooms may be borrowed only if there are multiple copies available. These titles may be requested exclusively at the info desks in the west wing of the Library’s building. A stamp confirming a processed and approved loan request is put on the user’s copy of the request form.

Books on loan are for the personal use of the borrower only, and must not be passed on to any other person or taken out of the Republic of Croatia.

Books which have not been registered for loan in the Library system may not be taken out of the Library.

Loan period, loan renewal and overdue loans
The maximum period of loan is 30 days. The Library may impose shorter loan periods.

Users may apply for a loan renewal provided that they have not violated the specified loan period.

Users may apply for a loan renewal 3 days prior to the expiry of a specified loan period. Applications for such renewals may be made by telephone or by other means of telecommunication.

The loan period may be renewed only once for a period of additional 30 days. Users who require Library items for periods longer than 60 days must put in a new loan request.

Users who do not renew their membership of the Library upon its expiry must return all the borrowed items and pay their charges related to their use of the Library holdings and/or services.

Special loan periods are specified with the approval of the Director of the National Library Division.

The Library may recall any borrowed item for the purposes of stocktaking before the expiry of the loan period.

Users who violate a specified loan period are charged a late return fine (HRK1 (€0.13*) per book, per day) and cover the expenses incurred by the issuing and sending of a written notice, according to the Library’s charges.

Users who frequently fail to return borrowed items within specified loan periods may temporarily lose the privilege of borrowing the Library’s items.

*The price in euros has been calculated based on a fixed conversion rate set at €1 = HRK7,53450.

Regulations concerning the terms and conditions of using the holdings and services of the National and University Library in Zagreb

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