Latest NUL Publication: New Croatian edition of Universal Decimal Classification

Objavljeno 7.2.2014.

The National and University Library in Zagreb has published a licensed abridged edition of the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC), based on the UDC MRF 2011. It contains around 10,000 subdivisions (including common auxiliary and special auxiliary tables) along with special notes, instructions for use, references and examples of combinations suited for Croatian libraries.

The edition also brings a detailed subject-alphabetical index with more than 17,000 entries.

Some parts of the English edition have been altered and/or extended in order to make this edition more suitable for indexing of library collections in Croatia.

Upon a revision, a greater part of the translation has been taken over from the 2005-2007 complete Croatian UDC edition. New or revised texts have been translated by the members of the NUL staff with professional assistance from outside collaborators. Proofreading, cover design and typesetting were also done by the NUL team. The editor of this edition and the author of the index is Lidija Jurić Vukadin.

In comparison with the previous, complete Croatian UDC edition, the most substantial changes were made in the following main classes: religion, management, tourism, social welfare, environmental science, biotechnology, systematic botany, systematic zoology, acoustics, music and film. Furthermore, the new edition also includes new common auxiliaries of general characteristics – properties, relations, processes and operations.

Even the new English UDC edition is still awaiting publication, so our Croatian edition, along with the Dutch one, is so far the first to be published. Similar abridged editions are currently being translated into ten more languages: Arabic, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Czech, Estonian, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Swedish.

Considering the edition’s up-to-date content, an optimal selection of UDC numbers, along with its practical size (703 pages), it may be expected that this Croatian UDC edition will be widely applied in all types of libraries, bibliographic and documentation centres, publishing industry, and beyond.

You may purchase your copy at the Public Relations Office of the National and University Library in Zagreb or order it online for HRK 250,00 (EUR 32,68).