Knowledgeman, the superhero of Croatian Book Night 2019, on a mission to rally the best-loved heroes of book and comic book history

Objavljeno 26.3.2019.

Knowledgeman, the superhero of this year’s Croatian Book Night programme, owes his superpowers to books and reading. He was created by graphic designer Boris Kuk, and he is on a mission to rally our favourite book and comic book heroes with the aim of celebrating books and other forms of literature as the source of their amazing powers. And ours, of course.

Our Best-Loved Book and Comic Book Heroes, the theme of the 2019 Croatian Book Night, is occasioned by several anniversaries that some of the most prominent heroes in more recent book and comic book history are celebrating this year – the 180th anniversary of Mikhail Lermontov’s A Hero of Our Time (Герой нашего времени), 80th anniversary of the Marvel Comics battalion of superheroes, 50th anniversary of Alan Ford, the hilarious hero of a homonymous Italian comic book hugely popular in Croatia and other ex-Yugoslav countries, Popeye the Sailor’s 90th anniversary, the 50th anniversary of the birth and 20th anniversary of the death of Edvin Biuković, an extremely accomplished and world-famous Croatian comic strip artist, etc.

Knowledgeman is using these significant anniversaries as an opportunity to remind us of our favourite book and comic book characters, which we identified with while growing up, which took us on exciting journeys and showed us new worlds, undertook the most difficult missions, and amazed us with their courage, wit and perseverance. The 2019 Croatian Book Night programme, addressing all generations of the lovers of all types of literature, wishes to encourage us to explore all the ways in which these heroes have inspired us and touched our lives, to ask ourselves how come that such fictional characters may be so important to us and how fiction may help us to cope with the challenges of the real world. Also, it wishes to pay tribute to all our heroes and superheroes, not only for the strong impact that they have had on our personal imagination, creativity and development, but for their impact on reshaping modern culture and everyday life, and most importantly, for their significant role as the driving force for social change.

Primary and secondary-school students in Croatia are invited to enlist their favourite book and comic book heroes in Knowledgeman’s supersquad by taking part in a special literary competition organised by the Croatian Book Night Organising Committee and Croatian Association of School Librarians.

All organisations, companies, institutions and individuals interested in joining Knowledgeman’s mission by taking part in this year’s Croatian Book Night are invited to submit their programme of events online, until 29 March 2019. It will be possible to submit programmes of events even after this deadline, however the organisers will not be able to guarantee to deliver the promotional material on time.

The Force is with Knowledgeman, make sure you join him as well!