Kliofest 2018: NSK hosting the fifth Croatian history festival

Objavljeno 4.5.2018.

From 8 to 11 May 2018, the National and University Library in Zagreb will be hosting Kliofest 2018, the fifth Croatian history festival, which will open at the Library’s grand lobby on 8 May 2018, starting at 11:00.

The festival, which has been named after Clio, the Greek patron of history and the Muse that inspired poets in their writing of heroic epics, has several purposes – it wishes to bring closer history as a scientific field to its visitors and the general public, popularise publishing in the field of historiography and affiliated sciences, encourage debate among historians on relevant issues in the field and bring into focus their place and status in general in present-day Croatian society.

The programme of this year’s Kliofest brings plenty of roundtables dealing with a wide array of themes from history, including book launches and an accompanying book fair. The roundtables will be addressing issues ranging from a retrospective analysis of historical events on the eve of the Croatian Spring (Studentsko proljeće 1968. – pedeset godina kasnije), through the 1948 conflict between the President of former Yugoslavia Tito and Stalin (Titovo „ne“ Staljinu ili Staljinovo „ne“ Titu?), to the now somewhat forgotten “Great War”, i.e. World War One, the centennial anniversary of whose ending we are marking this year.

Some forty Croatian publishers will present their publications in the field of history and affiliated sciences and offer them at affordable prices. Books that will be presented as part of the festival’s programme will bring into spotlight a great variety of themes from both Croatian and European history, e.g. the history of Croats from the Danube region, controversial issues regarding Yugoslavia’s history, Croatia’s medieval period, the European Holocaust, etc. (Leksikon podunavskih Hrvata – Bunjevaca i Šokaca; Povijest podunavskih Hrvata (Bunjevaca i Šokaca); Nikada više Jugoslavija. Intelektualci i hrvatsko nacionalno pitanje (1929.-1945.); Jugoslavija u istorijskoj perspektivi; Jasenovac – manipulacije, kontroverze i povijesni revizionizam; Leksikon hrvatskoga srednjovjekovlja; Pričajte to svojoj djeci. O Holokaustu u Europi 1933.-1945.).

Participants in the festival will include many notable Croatian historians such as Hrvoje Klasić, Damir Agičić, Neven Budak and Ivo Goldstein, as well as prominent guests from abroad – political leader of Croats in Serbia Tomislav Žigmanov, Serbian historian and former politician Latinka Perović, etc.

Apart from the presentation of awards for the most significant contributions in historiography, the festival’s programme will include three exhibitions – an exhibition by the Zagreb Model Engineering Federation (Zagrebački maketarsko modelarski savez) featuring the history of aviation (Zrakoplovstvo od početka do danas), another one by Dinko Župan, presenting the educational system in 19th-century Croatia from a learner’s perspective (Biti učenik u Hrvatskoj u dugom 19. stoljeću), and a special exhibition by the students of the School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb aiming to prevent us from forgetting the memory, and lessons, of the First World War (Veliki rat – zaboravljeni rat?).

Acting as co-organisers of the festival are the Croatian National Committee for Historical Sciences (Hrvatski nacionalni odbor za povijesne znanosti), Croatian History Society (Društvo za hrvatsku povjesnicu), National and University Library in Zagreb, Croatian History Teachers’ Association (Hrvatska udruga nastavnika povijesti), Croatian State Archives (Hrvatski državni arhiv), Croatian Institute of History (Hrvatski institut za povijest), Croatian Ethnological Society (Hrvatsko etnološko društvo), Bogdan Ogrizović City Library (Knjižnica Bogdan Ogrizović), Department of History at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb (Odsjek za povijest Filozofskog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Zagrebu), Mikołaj Kopernik Polish Cultural Association (Poljska kulturna udruga “Mikołaj Kopernik” u Zagrebu), the Kliofest association, Croatian Publishers’ Reprographic Rights Association Zana (Udruga za zaštitu prava nakladnika “Zana”) and Publishers and Booksellers Association of the Croatian Chamber of Economy (Zajednica nakladnika i knjižara Hrvatske gospodarske komore).

Learn more about Kliofest 2018 (Croatian text only).