Internet access

Objavljeno 21.2.2012.

The use of the Library’s software and hardware services and the computer network (wired and wireless) is completely free of charge for registered users.

Wireless internet access is available in all user areas of the Library.

The Library’s wireless network (SSID: ‘NSK wireless’) is not secure and requires no access credentials. Users may access it on the Ground Floor, in user areas on Floors 1 and 2, in study rooms on Floor 4, as well as in the restaurant and café on Floor 5, simply by using the Connect automatically option.

The Library also provides access to eduroam, an international roaming service for researchers, teachers and students offering easy and secure network access, developed as part of GÉANT, a pan-European data network for the research and education community (former TERENA, Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association). For accessing eduroam (SSID: ‘eduroam’), users must log in based on the required electronic identity verification, using an adequately configured connecting device. Croatian users thus have to verify their inclusion in the AAI@EduHr system by entering verification data provided by their institution. Users with AAI@EduHr identity may securely and simply configure their connecting device by using the eduroam installer.

Registered users have unlimited access to unencrypted wireless networks, and using the Library’s IT infrastructure currently does not require any login credentials.