International ISBN Agency publishes Croatian translation of ISBN Users’ Manual

Objavljeno 28.2.2022.

In February 2022, the International ISBN Agency published the Croatian translation of the seventh edition of ISBN Users’ Manual. The translation, symbolically coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Croatian ISBN Agency, has been prepared as a result of the Croatian Agency’s cooperation with the Identifiers Assignment Division of the Croatian National Bibliography Department within the National and University Library in Zagreb, as part of which the Croatian Agency operates.

This latest edition of ISBN Users’ Manual, published in 2017, has since been made available in nine other languages (Chinese, Finnish, French, German, Maltese, Polish, Slovene, Serbian, Spanish) and its adapted versions have also been published in Czech, Danish and Swedish.

The Manual lays out details concerning the application of the ISO 2108 Information and documentation — International standard book number (ISBN) standard, providing basic terms and definitions, explaining ISBN meaning, structure and assignment, and specifics regarding ISBN assignment-related changes in authority, procedures involved in assigning ISBN to digital publications, the display of ISBN on publications, ISBN assignment-related mandatory metadata, the responsibilities of ISBN agencies and publishers, the relationship between ISBN and other identifiers, etc.

Until its sixth, 2012 edition, the Manual was principally intended for national ISBN agencies. However, owing to significant changes in the publishing industry and the technology that it relies on over the last fifty years, during which period the ISBN has been used, and the resulting growing autonomy of publishers and their increased responsibility in this context, the current recommendation of the International ISBN Agency is to make the Manual available to publishers in their national language.

The Croatian ISBN Agency, one of 151 national agencies registering publishers of books and other monographic publications, systematically updates the Croatian ISBN database and regularly manages data in this context on Croatian publishers in the Global Register of Publishers (GRP). Currently providing assistance, support and counselling for over 13,000 publishers using more than 14,500 assigned ISBN prefixes, the Agency recommends ISBN Users’ Manual in Croatian to all publishers as an invaluable tool in successfully implementing the ISBN standard.

The logotype of the International ISBN Agency.