Interlibrary loan

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Interlibrary loan services are provided for users who require materials kept in other libraries in Croatia and abroad (books, copies).

Interlibrary loan services are directly available to all registered users of the Library, while others may submit their requests through their local or nearby libraries.

For all costs of making photocopies or copies of other kind the Library will issue a receipt to the institution which requested the service/services based on the Order Form submitted by that particular institution (i.e. the library), which was signed and stamped by the authorized person of that institution.

Loan requests are submitted trough filling out a special order form – in person, by fax or email. Interlibrary loan periods for items from libraries abroad are two to four weeks, while the loan period for items borrowed from the Library is four weeks.

Users generally access and use interlibrary loan items in the Library, while the requested copies remain in permanent ownership of the users.

The library which requested and received an interlibrary loan on behalf of its user is fully responsible for the return of the loaned item(s).

Users may use materials acquired through interlibrary loan services only for the purposes of private study in accordance with the Copyright and Related Rights Act (Official Gazette, 167(2003), Article 82).

Interlibrary loans of items in the collections of the National and University Library in Zagreb

Croatian libraries are charged with a one-off fee for borrowing the items from the National and University Library in Zagreb. The loan period is 30 days. The Library may specify shorter loan periods. – HRK 50,00

Photocopies, photographs, and digital copies of the Library’s materials
UP TO 40 PAGES = minimal charge HRK 20,00 + administrative and postage costs ranging from HRK 30,00 to 50,00
MORE THAN 40 PAGES = charges according to the Library’s service fees + administrative and postage costs HRK 40,00 – HRK 2,00 per page + administrative and postage costs HRK 40,00

Loans and the delivery of copies of materials of the National and University Library in Zagreb to libraries abroad
These services are charged in IFLA vouchers.  1 IFLA voucher = EUR 8,00, 1 half-value IFLA voucher = EUR 4,00

Loans of books in the collections of the National and University Library in Zagreb to libraries abroad
1 book = 1 IFLA voucher (lending fee and postage for Europe included)
1 book = 3 IFLA vouchers (lending fee and postage outside Europe included)

Photocopying and delivery of photocopies to libraries abroad
Up to 20 A4 pages = 1 IFLA voucher (with postage covered by IFLA vouchers)
Every additional 20 pages = ½ IFLA voucher

Interlibrary loan from other Croatian libraries

Borrowing of items from other Croatian libraries is charged HRK 30,00 per book.

Interlibrary loans from abroad

United Kingdom (British Library Document Supply Service) – HRK 280,00

Other libraries in Europe – HRK 150,00

Subito – HRK 200,00

Providing copies of articles

United Kingdom (British Library Document Supply Service) – HRK 150,00

Subito – items delivered within 72 hours (DRM – Digital Rights Management) – HRK 120,00

Subito, PDF format – HRK 60,00

Photocopies of articles delivered by mail (up to 20 pages) – HRK 100,00
– each subsequent page     – HRK 1,00

Delivery by fax (up to 20 pages) – HRK 60,00
– each subsequent page – HRK 1,00