IFLA presents NSK project “Green Library for Green Croatia”

Objavljeno 27.5.2016.

Green Library for Green Croatia, the latest “green project” launched by the National and University Library in Zagreb, was presented on the Facebook profile of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), Environmental Sustainability and Libraries – IFLA SIG, thus helping the Library to be more widely perceived as an institution actively working on the raising of public awareness of issues related to the protection and preservation of the natural environment.

This project will feature selected material from the Library’s varied collections related to environmental issues with the purpose of bringing organisations and associations operating in the field of the protection and preservation of nature to the attention of its users and the wider public. The Library holds a wide variety of resources related to such issues, ranging from doctoral dissertations, master’s theses, newspaper titles, serials, monographs, legal and other types of public documents, which present Croatia’s natural wealth and resources as a significant element of its heritage.

The project was presented at a press conference held on 6 May 2016, on which occasion Tatijana Petrić, Director General of the National and University Library in Zagreb, pointed out that the project’s “principal objectives are aimed at the heightening of the Library’s users awareness in relation to environmental issues and the encouragement of their active involvement in a variety of programmes conducted by organisations operating in the field of the protection and preservation of nature. Through this project the Library will also be continually presenting the results of the activities of these organisations, i.e. their research projects, studies, publications, etc. Our task here will be to attract the attention of as many of our users and members of the wider public as possible in order to make them interested in various environment-oriented programmes, as a result of which they will start adopting new values and habits”. Ms Petrić also emphasised how this project is a continuation of the Library’s previous “green initiatives”, as part of which in 2012, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Croatia, it established the Energy Efficiency Green Library, which operates as part of the Library’s Official Publications Collection.

The already running introductory part of the project includes specially arranged exhibition areas on the Library’s third floor presenting Croatia’s three national parks and one nature park – national parks Risnjak, Paklenica and Krka and the Kopački rit Nature Park. By showcasing a selection of interesting book material and other types of resources from the Library’s collections and hosting a series of lectures, these special areas will enable the Library’s users as well as the general public to become better acquainted with the outstanding beauty and natural wealth of these parks. The first project’s programme, which is currently being prepared in cooperation with the Krka National Park, is an exhibition presenting Burnum, an archaeological site and the related archaeological collection located within this national park, which will be held in the Library from 7 to 24 June 2016.

Other programmes will be realised through the Library’s organisation of various activities such as thematic exhibitions featuring historic journals, books, dictionaries and posters from the Library’s collections, online thematic exhibitions of selected book material and other types of resources from the Library’s collections, lectures by prominent Croatian researchers and natural scientists, e.g. members of the Croatian Society of Natural Sciences. Furthermore, the Library will present Flora Jadrensis, its digitisation project, and will host Zeleni sajam (Green Fair), a special programme that will bring together and present all institutions collaborating on this project and those associated with it. Another “green event”, Zeleni tjedan (Green Week), will be held under the auspices of the European Commission, and along with the final stage of the promotional part of the programme, the programme will also be presented at the national level, with the participation of all included partner institutions.

Most significantly, this project will include the preparation of documentation necessary for making improvements to several of the Library’s energy supply systems, which currently do not conform to optimal energy efficiency standards.