Humanitarian initiative to help Ukrainian refugees in Croatia and publishers in Ukraine

Objavljeno 14.6.2022.

On 14 June 2022, the Central Library of the Zagreb City Libraries public library network hosted the presentation of a humanitarian initiative to help Ukrainian refugees during their stay in Croatia. Led by AidHub Foundation, with the assistance of the Croatian Book Night team and support of the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media, the initiative is aimed at providing Ukrainian refugees with publications in their own language by making available the titles of Ukrainian publishers in Croatian public libraries.

The initiative was presented by the Croatian Minister of Culture and Media Dr Nina Obuljen Koržinek, Ambassador of Ukraine to the Republic of Croatia His Excellency Mr Vasyl Kyrylych, members of the Croatian Book Night team Mišo Nejašmić and Vanja Štalec Obradović and Head of the Central Rusyn and Ukrainian Library, operating as part of Zagreb City Libraries, Katarina Todorcev Hlača.

The majority of public libraries are satisfied with the donated titles and have shown interest in setting up small collections of books in Ukrainian. Also, many have requested the contact details of Ukrainian publishers for the purpose of procuring additional titles, pointed out a member of the Croatian Book Night team from the Zagreb City Libraries Vanja Štalec Obradović, adding that the most sought-after titles are the Croatian language learning materials and handbooks, bilingual publications, dictionaries and children’s literature titles.

The Croatian Book Night team and its partner institutions, including the National and University Library in Zagreb (NSK), jointly published a Croatian-Ukrainian exercise book to help the youngest Ukrainian refugees in their learning of the essentials of the Croatian language. Published by the Naša djeca publishing company and printed by the Tiskara Vjesnik company, the exercise book was presented as part of the 2022 Croatian Book Night programme, whose launches are regularly hosted by NSK.

Expressing its solidarity with the people of Ukraine, the National and University Library in Zagreb published three special bibliographies and is currently making available its services to Ukrainian refugees aged 16 years and over free of charge.