How to use the Internet and computer equipment?

Objavljeno 26.3.2012.

The use of the Library’s software and hardware services as well as computer networks (wired and wireless) is completely free of charge for registered users.

The Library has a broadband/high-speed 1 Gbps Internet connection. Wireless Internet access is available in all user areas of the Library. Data transfer rate for the wireless network is up to 11 Mbps and 100 Mbps for the wired computer network. The wireless network (SSID: NSLib and wirelessNSK) is unsecured and allows unrestricted access. To connect to the wireless network users simply have to activate the option “Connect”.

The Library also provides access to the security-enabled (encrypted) roaming access service Eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing). Eduroam is a roaming access service developed under the auspices of the Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association (TERENA) and realized through the international project GÉANT.

All registered users may use the Library’s computers and unsecured wireless networks and so far no additional credentials (user name, password) are required for using the Library’s IT facilities. The computers use the Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. Windows based computers provide Word, Excel and PowerPoint from the Microsoft Office software package. Linux based computers provide Writer, Calc and Impress from the OpenOffice software package.

The number of available open access computers:
*Ground Floor – 19
*Mezzanine – 2
*Floor 1 – 5
*Floor 3 – 15
*Floor 4 – 10.

Users may also scan the Library’s materials free of charge:
*Ground Floor – 2 image scanners (A4, A3)
*Floor 3 – 2 image scanners (A4, A3)